2000 Roadster Carbs

The prelude to the 240Z Lungs...These carbs are so big, they work great on a 6 banger! 

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2000 Roadster SU Carb Parts Breakdown

Note:  The 2 liter Roadster (U-20) car used a funky throttle shaft.  This design from Nissan was a cost saving measure.  Basically, they machined a groove into the shaft to accommodate a plastic ribbon.  This ribbon was supposed to provide a bearing surface and a vacuum seal.  Obviously, time destroyed this marvelous design!   We here at ZTherapy came up with a better design.  What if a bearing would fit in that tiny place where a non-bushing used to go?  Well, we did it!  Your Remanufactured 2000 Roadster SU Carbs will come with 4  sealed stainless steel Roller bearings spinning a ZTherapy throttle shaft! These bearings are the high-misalignment type, to accommodate a possible warped intake manifold.  Any worry about throttle shaft sticking or vacuum leaks are gone!

Below are raw pix that we use to take notes disassembling, measuring, and remanufacturing 2000 Roadster carbs.