1600 Datsun Carburetors 

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Same carb body  is used front and rear (not mirror image).  The only difference between the front and rear carbs is that the rear carb is drilled for a vacuum tap on the bottom.  There are 4 different float chambers for the 38 mm carb, and 3 different bodies for the different years.

Please identify your units below before calling with your needs. We ship your new carbs out first when you call, so we need to know:

1.  Side or front exit float chamber?ZTherapy16008.JPG (34057 bytes)ZTherapy160024.JPG (30282 bytes)

2.  Style of float chamber?ZTherapy5FloatChambers.JPG (27109 bytes)

3.  Number of holes on the "Dolphin" choke butterfly opening armZTherapy160022.JPG (36634 bytes)ZTherapy160025.JPG (37774 bytes)

4.  Is your float chamber lid orientated to be level with the carb body, or is there a distinctive tip back of the float chamber in relation to the carb body?  In other words, so you have a 410/411/1600SSS angled intake?ZTherapy160019.JPG (33703 bytes)

If your pushrod 1600 is modified up to 2100cc's, we can modify 2L bodies to work on the 1600 manifold.  Looks dead stock on first blush.  Dome diameter and linkage is exactly the same. With the air cleaner on, it's hard to tell....

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