Volvo HS6 Carburetors 

Please view the Japanese pages for good pix and racer's tech  

These carbs are used on both the 1800 and the 2000 size Volvo engines.  The reason that they work well for both applications is that the engineers specified a piston spring that complimented the engine cc.

In a perfect SU world, the piston would not reach the top of it's travel until the engine was at max suck effort.  In this way, the part-throttle drivability is maintained. SCCA road racers don't  care about feathering the throttle, so this is less of an issue for them. 

We sell all the parts for the Volvo. All parts are Genuine SU and guaranteed fresh. 


Swedish Induction

ZT1400 Volvo HS6 3 or 2 bolt  Remanufactured Carbs (pair)   ZT RollerShafts $950.00+core
ZT1401 core charge for one pair of carbs (pair) $300.00
ZT1410 Volvo HS6 3 or 2 bolt  Reman Carb Body w/shafts (pair)  ZT RollerShafts $490.00+core
ZT1411 core charge for one pair of carb bodies (with old butterflies) (pair)       $200.00
ZT1420  Intake, polished and plated complete        $130.00+core
ZT1421 core charge for intake $75.00
ZT1454 ZTherapy nozzles (pair) $120.00
ZT1458 Master TuneUp Kit includes: 2 nozzles w/fuel line, new needles, needle & seats (or new viton-tipped float valves), new float gaskets,  "Just SU's" video.  Piston push pin seals (2).   $300.00
Note:  1600 cc engines used a 1 3/4" mouth HS6, and a 5 1/2" long piston spring with the KD needle.  If you bored your 1.6 out to 2.0 litres, you should be using a 2L setup.  This kit is the shorter 4" 2.0L spring and SM needles.  Try stock, then switch to this.  Send back what you don't need for a refund within 45 days.  Only offered to customers buying new carbs from us.       

Before you call, I need to know two things: 
1.  How many bolts hold your air cleaner to the carb  (2 or 3 per carb).
2.  Does your distributor vacuum line go to a carb, or to the intake?

If you are ordering a Volvo intake, does it have the BCDD device?  That's a thing that screws
 into the intake above the carbs in the center.