Just SU's  240Z-280X TuneUp
240Z-280Z Convertible Trunk Fabrication 240Z-280Z Convertible Top Fabrication
Secrets of the Auto Painter Fiberglass Installation and Repair
Street Racing Suspensions Chrysler/Ply/Dodge 3.0-3.3 V-6 Tune-Up

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Part Number Description
ZTV09 Just SU's 4 hrs of advanced college level theory of operation, diagnostics, tuning, surgical Weber removing and disposal.  Covers all years of Japanese Hitachi "SU" and 1.6L-2.0 Volvo HS6 1 3/4" SU (HS4, HS2 same).  Our newest video, 4 years in the making.  Directly replaces the first 1.5 hrs of ZTV01. Heavily updates and corrects info from ZTV01.  Part one is inspecting and  installing new ZT carbs and "Tuning for Dummies".
Part two is "Installing and Tuning a ZT Master Tuneup Kit for Dummies".  Balance of tape is answering common questions, racer tech and mods, airflow studies, horns, cold air box, etc. We address the Q+A sessions from the 2000 MSA and LSV shows-I worked hard to answer your questions on this video. If this does not answer every issue you ever had about the mighty SU, call me!  If you still don't get a satisfactory answer, demand your money back!!!  Ships free with new ZT carbs and the ZT MasterTuneUp kits.   Available in single play mode on two 2 hr SP tapes for $20 or on one single EP mode tape for  $15 (lower video quality). DVD available for $25
ZTV01 240Z-280X TuneUp  1 hr of SU carbs on the bench and on-car tuning.  1.5 hrs of timing chain stretch,   valve adjust, ignition timing, tricks and tips, Interior dying, center console crack repair, rear end clunk, door alignment.  By far our best seller. VHS  video available for $15, DVD $25
ZTV03 240Z-280Z Convertible Trunk Fabrication May be useful for ZX owners, too.  Must buy ZTV04 to complete the instruction
VHS video available for $15, DVD $25
ZTV04 240Z-280Z Convertible Top Fabrication Complete Top fab for the Z, great primer for other cars,  5.5 hrs long
VHS video available for $15, DVD $25
ZTV05 Secrets of the Auto Painter Paint store tour, what to buy and why.  Behind the scenes look at a giant body shop
VHS video available for $15, DVD $25
ZTV06 Fiberglass Installation and Repair MSA 5 pc kit installed, lots of detail covered here
VHS video available for $15 DVD $25
ZTV07 Street Racing Suspensions 100% Hyperthane changeover and ST bars from Courtesy Nissan's Internet Z Store, rack, alignment tricks 
VHS video available for $15, DVD $25
ZTV08 Chrysler/Ply/Dodge 3.0-3.3 V-6 Tune-Up timing belt, brakes, fuel, head repair, engine disassembly, etc. 3.5 hrs long
VHS video available for $15, DVD $25

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