" JUST SU'S " 

British HS6 and Hitachi "SU"

 This is a reshoot of the very popular " 240Z-280ZX TuneUp" video!       PN# ZTV09

Why did we redo it? Four years of manufacturing the SU to better than new.  Sponsoring and supplying race car teams.  Campaigning our own test car in the Sports Car Club of America.  Answering tech questions at the National Z Car Convention and the Motorsport Auto West Coast Nationals...hundreds of hours on the phone providing tech support to all kinds of crazy engine builders/owners/tuners with SU's and nitrous, SU's and turbos, SU's and 13:1 compression, SU's with the vent tubes capped, SU's with the fuel line hooked to the vent tube, 48mm 240Z SU's on bored/stroked 1600 Roadster engines with funky linkage**510 owners with home market 38mm Z/2L shaped SU carbs/Volvo 1.8-2.0 owners with funky spring-loaded throttle shafts...it goes on and on and on and on and on....  

This instructional video is about 4 hours long.  All hard core SU. No fluff.  Watch it twice.  I don't repeat myself.  

Some of the topics:

* The most intimate parts of the SU carb-the float and how it sets the fuel mix**Grose Jets, and why they help prevent engine fires**Stacking the mix nut spring for perfect fuel distro**Which mechanical fuel pump flows the best**The correct way to set the needles (leave the ruler in your desk)**64-71 4 screw nozzle alignment**3 screw offset nozzles, and how to avoid using them**Cutting down the pistons and polishing for best air velocity**Which oil do I use in the dashpot? My O2 sensors say 20W50 gives the best accelerator pump action???***Dyno footage of the carb guts from Chet Wittel Racing-see the air/fuel mix split the butterfly!**Total air flow potential for the SU, and why 3.1 litre strokers can use 2Litre SU carbs**6 barrel SU 48mm on a 240Z done, why?**Dumping DGV Webers, the cracked exhaust manifold and exploded muffler. Installing SU's as Nippon intended**260Z conversions, and the adapters that allow the factory air cleaner to be used**Passing visual smog with SU's on a 7/72+ 260Z (oops, I meant to say a 240/260Z)**Cold air box from TWM Induction**Throttle shaft and choke linkage removal and install**Choke-on idle speed adjust**High speed balance**Piston drop test, or how to flow your carbs for a perfect match**New Remanufactured ZTherapy SU Carb install/tuning from A-Z**ZTherapy TuneUp kit install, and slamming the other "TuneUp kits" for being so incomplete**Air horns, and who is making them better than OEM**Yes, there are insulator gaskets available for cheap!**All four heat shields**Firewall rods for 260Z conversions**Getting max throttle out of your monkey-motion throttle system**Why Nissan OEM nozzles stick**Side load tension adjusting for the choke linkage**Needle charts, Nissan part numbers**O2 sensors and why you need EGT as well**Fluid dynamics, Carb Cleaner 101, and lots of other trivial trash to enlighten you day.  Coverage of the HS6 1 3/4" British SU, the nozzle alignment, choke linkage, air horns, unique variations between the spring loaded throttle shafts, piston drop tests, smaller Brit carbs and Stromburg hate mail.  Heavy on the Volvo HS6, because we do more of this 1 3/4" SU than any other. 

If you don't like it, send it back for a refund.    

$25 DVD. Also available in VHS for $20 (4 hours spanning 2 VHS tapes).   Or, if you can tolerate Extended Play mode, get the $15 single tape (4 hrs stretched via EP mode)       

PS:  This tape is 100% SU's.  The rest of the "240Z-280ZX TuneUp Video" is not covered.  This will be reshot as a new tape (probably in 10 years, as fast as I'm going).  If you are doing a TuneUp on the car, still buy the 240Z-280ZX TuneUp Video".   Sorry about that.  I keep trying to keep all tapes to 2 hrs, but I yak way too much.

 Some overseas/digital customers can't handle LP or EP in PAL.  Please check your VCR, and see if you cam play the stretched formats

 Note:  This new single tape version is included with all new ZTherapy Remanufactured carbs and all TuneUp Kits. If you buy the tape now, you get the tape price credited towards new carbs or a Tuning Kit.

Until this page is changed, the tape will ship in unedited format and is 4 hrs spanning 2 VHS tapes. I will eventually split up the topics and sell a Volume 1 and 2.  If I can get 4 hrs on a DVD, we will offer that for a reasonable price.  Basically, the digital editing we had planned on is on hold until I get my RAID 0 system to work with Premiere!.  So you get 4 hrs of instruction if you order now for only $25.