Convertible Trunk and Top Fabrication Videos for the 240Z-280Z 

$25 per DVD (you need both titles)

 Fabricating a top for the 240-280Z has been a 9 year learning experience for us.  The first cars we did were great-except we did not plan for a top.  The trunk was too long to accommodate a folding-back top.  A convertible top should lay back easily, preferably as easily as a Miata's top.  We eventually reshaped the trunk to accommodate a stock TR-7 top frame's dimensions.  This was the perfect solution.  Sheetmetal work was easy, compared to making a top fit in an impossibly small area behind the seats.

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ZTherapy (formerly Datsun Z Convertibles of Merced, CA) tops start off as a stock TR-7 frame.  To this we weld on bracketry to accept "L" shaped American car weatherstripping that wraps around the window edge.  We keep the stainless steel window surround in place where it meets the windshield, to provide tension and guidance.  We also add a second tension roller to the door to further push the window in.  The weatherstripping bracketry also forms the shape of the top as it transitions from the windshield header cap.
The top header  (the top frame metal that meets the windshield) is a clamshell design.  Look at the TR-7 piece.  It has a lower area that meets the weatherstripping, and the upper piece makes the top curve transition.

To make the top lay flat on the strut towers, cut 2" out of the strut tower sheetmetal.  Then slice out 2" of the strut tube, below the spring perch.  This keep the ride height the same, and does not alter the spring rate.  By lowering the strut tower, the top lays flat and flush with the trunk lid.  Some cars need adjustment with a sledge to flatten down the wheelwell where it meets the top frame.

No convertible would be complete without a tonneau cover.  This is a marine-grade vinyl covering for the cockpit that snaps in place.  It saves the top from wear, and is more convenient than putting the top up at every stop.  ZTherapy tonneaus have a zipper down the middle, so the driver's side can be open.  The hot Z heater will keep you warm in this configuration on the coldest mornings.  If the tonneau is padded correctly, it can double as a boot cover to cover the top when  it is stowed.

  ZTherapy/Datsun Z Convertibles
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Convertible Top Fabrication Video
This is a complete fabrication guide.
Shows how to custom-fabricate a top for the 240Z-280Z and the Ferrari 250GTO Conv using a Triumph TR-7 top.
Great instructional tool for any car top fabrication.
Uses American "L" shaped weatherstripping around the windows for an airtight seal.
Frame construction and fabric modification. Strut Tower Lowering, Snap lip fab, Windshield metal design for weatherstripping,
Cable Tensioners, Fabric stretching, snap installs, metal fab, padding, ect-ITS ALL HERE.
Over 5 1/2 hrs long.
This project is not difficult, just long!  You need a ZTherapy trunk design (get the ZT video), welder, tin snips, grinder, TR-7
top frame, a new TR-7 top (fabric), and a little sewing support from a upholstery shop.
FOR THE FERRARI 250 GTO (VR, AZZCar, StableWorks, Alpha, ect)
All the above plus a template to fix your fiberglass opening behind the seats and trim work
FOR OTHER CARS:  A primer in top construction.   Watch it for the design engineering, theory of operation, car limitations and consequent design parameters, fold geometry, ect...
Ordering info:  These videos are $25 per DVD - This tape is over 5 hrs long-we had to record it in EP mode to get it all on one tape.  The view quality is good. Also available in VHS


  Please do not call for info-it's all in the tape.  I get 3-4 hrs a day worth of phone calls about this top design.  I never get any work done!  Buy the tape, and I will show you how to do it!...Scott               

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