Chrysler 3.0 V-6 TuneUp video
 with an extra hour of freebies covering the Fuel pump and Brake jobs on the Van.
Satisfaction guaranteed.  Watch this tape before working on your van or car.
This motor went into a lot of Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge vehicles.
We cover step by step how to work on you own car.
We shoot these videos to help out the shadetree mechanic.

 Applications: The Mitsubishi V-6 is used in the following: Plymouth Mini Van 87-97       Dodge Mini Van 87-97        Chrysler Mini Van 90 Acclaim 89-95      Daytona 90-93      Dynasty 88-93      LeBaron 90-95      New Yorker 88-90      Shadow 92-94 Spirit 89-95        Sundance 92-94          TC 90-91 

Topics covered: Basic TuneUp Timing belt change (a 60,000 mile must!) Head removal, inspection, valve job (in case you forgot about the timing belt and it broke on you) Serpentine belt replacement Air conditioning compressor replacement Gas tank removal Fuel Pump replacement Front brakes (MiniVan and others) Rear brakes (MiniVan and others) Injector removal 3 hours of detailed instruction