Street Racing Suspensions Video
100% changeover from stock rubber to Energy Suspensions Hyperthane
Steering rack rebuilding
Suspension Techniques Swaybars
ball joints, tie rod ends, ect...
One of the hottest upgrades available for the awesome Z car, the Energy Suspensions Hyperthane kit from Courtesy Nissan's Z Store will dramatically change the way your car behaves.  Eliminate the wandering, front end shimmy, and high speed instability of your car.  The manufacturer installed rubber.  Rubber wears out and gets eaten by all the road acids, engine oil, and heat.  Hyperthane is impervious to all these attacks.  It's not difficult to install, and the rewards are enormous.

Hyperthane will hide many/most suspension defects like a worn out steering rack and ball joints, so we show these topics too. It is absolutely critical that you address your suspension as a package.   The 240Z is capable of 140 miles per hour with stock components, and over 155 mph with modified SU's.  180 mph is easy with a with a hot V8.  A car of this caliber deserves the best.  A 155 mph car with 30 yr old rubber holding it straight on the road is not "reasonable and prudent driving" (Montana State Highway Patrol :').  Been there, done that!  This video teaches you how to completely drop out your front and rear suspension and replace all the worn out parts.

We start out with the easy stuff that everyone wants to fix, like sway bars, steering donut, rack bushings, T/C kit, ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends

We also show the urethane control arm bushing replacements.  Finally, we drop the struts out and replace the strut inserts and springs.
 Of special note:  This video shows how to change the outer bushings on the rear control arms-one of the toughest jobs, but one that could help your 1/4 mile times.

We painted each piece of the car white after we worked on it.  Fast forward through the video to find your "white"  topics of interest.  We will be repainting after the next video is done!

2 hours  VHS, PAL, SECAM  $15  DVD $25