Secrets of the Automotive Painter Video 
This video is a primer for the new automotive painter.

There are two goals of this video:

1.  Explain the workings of a paint store.  We describe what is on the shelf for you to buy (California VOC and Federal).  We explain the chemical makeup of the store items, and how they interact with each other.  This video walks you up and down the shelves of a major paint store and explains each item available for sale.  This is very important to the customer (you) and the Paint Store Counterperson.  Employees of a very good store that sells to the amateur will take the time to explain their wares to you.  Unfortunately, this can take weeks...  Watch this video, and then go in with your questions.  You will be an educated consumer.  By the way, paint stores carry this tape for exactly the reason mentioned above.  Do your homework before you spend $600 in a paint store!

2.  Explain the workings of a big professional Autobody Shop.  Inside the paint booth, we videoed a pro painter doing his ballet.  We filmed large area filler work, block sanding, D/A sanding, color sanding and buffing, paint mixing, masking, laser guided frame repair machines, and so on.  Watch this, and understand why bodyshops charge so much.  Once again, we sell this tape to bodyshops.  An educated customer is a happy customer.  A happy customer spends money...



Auto body Paint Tech 101