SU TuneUp Video 

Datsun 240Z-280ZX TuneUp Video!

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Tuneup video is 2 1/2 hrs of nonstop tips, including 1.5  hours of the innermost workings of the awesome SU carbs.
TuneUp Video contents:

For 240Z-280ZX:

For the 240Z-260Z: For the 240Z: From A-Z, I cover every aspect of the 240Z carbs. This is why I shot this video.

I have been training my customers on how to TuneUp their own cars for many years. I remember what it was like to pick up that tool and stare in bewilderment at the job at hand. Each topic starts off at step one and progresses to the finer points of the job. Along the way I discuss the theory of operation and how each part works. This 160 min video is very detailed!

I stand behind the quality of the content of these videos with a money back guarantee. For 280ZX-240Z owners, this video will save you money on repair bills! It has been endorsed by Carl Beck (Internet Z Car Club President) and Ben Millspauch (famous Z Car book writer,Former Z Car Mag Chief Editor) as being a valuable tool for the Z owner.  This is the original 1996 video shot for the benefit of the  IZCC  members to answer frequently asked questions.

VHS, PAL/SECAM available, shipping is cheaper than you think!  Please go to the order page for prices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back!