Fiberglass Installation and Repair+Advanced Bodywork

This video shows the complete installation of a Motorsports Auto (MSA) 5 piece aero kit designed for the 240Z-280Z.
Explains how to attach and blend the new parts into the body for a very professional looking job.
Shows advanced bodywork techniques including new spot putties, primer mixing and application, guide coat sanding, tiger hair (store bought and home made), long board sanding, panel attachment and fit. 
120 min.

I was going to shoot another tape on advanced bodywork, but there is so much of it here, it would be a shame to collect another $15 for duplicate info.  Last 10 minutes of the tape are run in double speed, showing panel alignment and other valuable tips.
Mix Tigerhair+apply.JPG (114866 bytes)rearSpoiler.JPG (185466 bytes)nose spoiler.JPG (123755 bytes)