Product Descriptions



The tube is a sight glass to see the fuel / float level at time of setting.  A wire is installed inside of the
 tube to keep the tube pointing up once installed in place of the float bowl plug.   If  you laid a straight edge from the sight
glass to the venturi bridge (tip of nozzle), the fuel level should be almost as high as the venturi bridge.
Remember, the mixture setting is set by the float level.
Bungs (nipples) and fuel line and wire kit $35/pr.


SM Needles $40/pr

 All ZTherapy carbs now come standard with SM needles.  This grind is virtually the same
as the stock N54 needle, up to about 2,000 rpm.  Then it gets richer,  and really delivers the power. 
Note: other needles available on request

All needles $40/pr

Adapters to fit the 260Z air cleaner to the 240Z carbs $55/pr complete

Economical reuse of your factory air cleaner.  Cheaper than our new 240Z air cleaners, and cheaper than the round chrome aftermarket items.  These are patterned off the original design from 1973, and are carefully CNC milled from solid aluminum.  All studs, Nyloc nuts, countersunk mounting bolts, and Allen wrenches are included.  Round air horns are strongly encouraged.  Grind away the 260Z square horn, and bolt in ours above.

Bump Steer / Strut Spacers 

3/4" aluminum spacer